About the FCA

This is the website of the Forde Community Association (FCA). For the latest of what’s going on around Forde, please visit What’s On or subscribe to our newsletter using the righthand sidebar.

The FCA is a volunteer group of residents dedicated to building a vibrant and connected community for the residents, businesses and community groups of Forde ACT. We aim to achieve this by being a central source of contact for the many micro-communities, by holding events and activities, by being a voice for the community and providing opportunities to engage with the wider Gungahlin area. Please review all the pages of this website for further information about Forde, including our signature Events!

We established the FCA in August 2014, after a series of community workshops run by Communities@Work, seeking to engage the residents of Forde to create their own voice, host community events and determine the future of the suburb. The FCA is looking to understand the needs of the community, and how the community can come together to help progress any challenges.

We are planning a range of activities to engage the community through the year and to maintain the strong identity the suburb has already established.

The community services provided by Communities@Work will cease in early 2015, so we need people to pitch in and help out. Without the time and support of Forde residents and businesses, we will not be able to continue providing great events and opportunities to connect with our community.

Please let us know how you could contribute, in any way, to help Forde continue to be a vibrant local community! See how easy it is to join in.

Community Conversations

The FCA holds regular open meetings where all residents of Forde are encouraged to participate. For more information on what these meetings are and how you can be involved, see Community Conversations.