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Why volunteer?

Volunteers are the heart of every vibrant community.

The Forde Community Association is run by a small dedicated group of residents on a volunteer basis. We have no paid staff or funding to provide events and services.

Everything the FCA does is done by volunteers. The more volunteers we have, the more we are able to offer the community.

We need all kinds of people, with all kinds of skills, no matter how much or little time you have to offer. Every hour counts.

If each of the 1,300 households in Forde committed to an average 1 hour of volunteering per month (only 12 hours a year per family!) that’s 15,600 volunteer hours per year. Imagine how much support and how many opportunities would be available to our residents. Imagine how vibrant our community would be.

What kind of volunteers do we need?

We need 2 kinds of volunteers: part-time volunteers and casual volunteers.

What’s the difference?

Part-time volunteers are able to commit to a certain amount of time per week or month to do a particular set of tasks or activities, such as being on a committee or subcommittee, planning an event, running a social club, or helping with general FCA business-related activities.

Casual volunteers are not necessarily able to commit to regular amounts of time each week or month, but are keen to help out in the community when they can. Casual volunteers are needed on an ad-hoc basis when there are a large number of short-term tasks to be completed.

Part-Time Volunteering

Part-time volunteers are key to making our community-led activities a success. These are people who can dedicate regular little bits of time to support a particular area of our community work.

Being a part-time volunteer doesn’t mean that you will commit to an exact number of hours per week or month. What it does mean is that you will do some work regularly to support an activity of the FCA.

We are currently looking for people will skills or interest in:

  • Communications and marketing
  • Fundraising and grant applications
  • Volunteer coordination
  • Event planning
  • Setting up or supporting social groups

Casual Volunteering

Casual volunteers are an important part of making our community activities a reality. While it’s great to have a group of part-time people planning and organising activities and keeping our community running, we need a bank of people who are happy to help when they can.

Being a casual volunteer means that you would like to help out, when you can, depending on the circumstance. That means no pressure or ongoing commitments!

Your name goes on our register and when we have volunteer opportunities available, we will send an email out with the details of the jobs available, the type of work to be done and the duration of the work. You can then decide which, if any, of the available jobs interest you and/or fit in with your schedule, and let us know you’re keen to help out.

We have casual opportunities for adults as well as young people (aged 15-20).

Types of activities we might need casual volunteers to help with:

  • Delivering flyers
  • Raising awareness of activities or community issues
  • Helping at a one-day event or activity for a few hours
  • Participating in a fundraising activity organised by our Fundraising Committee
  • Participating in working bees
  • Sharing your language and/or culture
  • Promoting the existence of the FCA and upcoming activities

If you are interested in one or more of these tasks, have a fantastic idea that you would like to discuss with us, or if you would just like to know more about volunteering, please sign up to our Volunteer Register below.

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