Design, Compliance Bonds & Turf Registration

Forde Design

Part of the Forde vision was to create an environmentally sustainable community that incorporates as much of the surrounding natural environment as possible and uses the natural resources available to reduce the impact of a large development. This is achieved by the mandated use of rainwater tanks which are connected to toilet flushing systems, garden irrigation systems, and cold water laundry, as well as the use of solar setbacks to decrease the use of heating systems in winter.

Forde was the first suburb in the ACT to mandate a 5 Star ACT Housing Initiatives Scheme (ACTHERS) rating in every home.

The design of Forde homes requires:

  • A minimum of 4m x 6m of Main Open Space (the principle private open space, which is an area that is screened from public view, useable for outdoor living activities and is directly accessible from habitable rooms and living spaces and can include balconies)
  • Adequate solar access: At least 20m2 of any one space within the total “Main Open Space” is to achieve a minimum of 3 hours sunlight between 9 am and 3 pm on June 21st
  • Direct access to the main open space from an indoor living area to facilitate indoor/outdoor living
  • A minimum of 3 different building materials on the front of the house; this gives each house, and the suburb, a unique look

Compliance Bonds 

Forde Lease & Development Conditions (L&Ds) state specific requirements for landscaping:

  • 40% of the total block area must remain as open space
  • 50% of the total open space area must be soft landscaping
  • With the exception of courtyard walls, front fencing is not permitted on blocks
  • Side gates and fence returns are to be at least 50% transparent

In addition, Forde residents were encouraged to use Australian native plants where possible. A bond of $2,500 was collected at the time of land purchase and is returned when the landscaping is deemed to have met the L&D requirements.

For more information on sustainable building, visit YourHome.

Approval of Plans & Release of Bond

Forde house design and landscaping plans continue to be assessed by Forde Realty. All house design and compliance/bond release related enquires can be emailed to
NOTE: The email address is being closed and will be replaced by on 5 January 2015.

See also

L&Ds for your particular block and section can be obtained from the Land Development Agency (LDA). Simply select Forde from the drop down list and enter your block and section numbers to search for your conditions.

NOTE: Lease and Development conditions will vary by block. In 2010 ACTPLA discontinued some conditions and blocks in Forde North are covered by different provisions than earlier releases. Check with ACTPLA if you need assistance in this area.

Turf Registration

Turfing by Forde Reality has concluded as of the end of November 2014. If you need further assistance please contact ACT Government via TAMS or Fix My Street