Forde is well known for its community events!

The main events held in Forde have traditionally been: Party in the Park, Neighbour Day, Halloween and Christmas Carols. The FCA is looking into how it can bring back and reinvent these events in a sustainable way so that the community can enjoy these opportunities to connect for years to come.

These events, while in the spirit of the original event, will continue on a smaller scale and contain fundraising activities that will go back into future events for the community. Stay tuned for details of the 2015 calendar of events.

The Committee is also looking at establishing a series of smaller activities and services that can support the different needs of members of our community. Some of the many suggestions are: working bees, bushfire awareness and emergency preparedness, health talks, social groups, and awareness for social issues.

We are looking for ideas from the community – what support activities are important to you? Please let us know by filling in the form below. 

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